Club Fees

All swimmers MUST have ASA registration and fully paid up membership to the Club. If you wish to pay your monthly subscription by standing order then please download the standing order form and pass to someone on the front desk on a payment night.


Annual Membership

The current annual membership costs are as follows:

Type Price
Single (Swimmers and Water Polo) £24.00
Family of 3 or more swimmers £54.00
Away Membership (Swimmers and Water Polo) £15.00
Non-Swimmers £2.00

ASA Membership

The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is the English national governing body for swimming, diving, water polo, open water and synchronised swimming. It organises competition throughout England, establishes the laws of the sport and operates comprehensive certification and education programmes for teachers, coaches and officials. The ASA supports affiliated clubs through a National, Regional and County structure.

All swimming clubs affiliated to the ASA must ensure that all of their members are registered with the ASA and pay the relevant membership fees. Individual membership fees are divided into three categories. Category 1 – All members of any age who are learning to swim or who are swimming at any level who do not compete in open competitions and solely participate in local leagues or inter-club competitions eg. mini-galas, club championships or Sussex League.   Category 2 - All members of any age who compete in any discipline in open competitions of any league that culminates in a national final eg. National Swimming League, County Meets and other Licensed Meets.   Category 3 - All members of any age not in Categories 1 and 2, including;   The current ASA membership costs are as follows: (these are annual, payable in January)

Category Price Who
Category 1 £13.85 Payable by ALL Non-Competitive Swimmers
Category 2 £32.15 Payable by ALL Competitive Swimmers
Category 3 £5.20 See above

Monthly Fees

The following is the current monthly fees chargeable as of September 2017.

Group Price
Group 1 £21.00
Group 2 £21.00
Group 3 £22.00
Group 4 £22.00
Group 5 £28.50
Group 6 £33.50
Group 7 £52.50
Junior Development Squad £52.50
Junior Advanced Squad £69.50
Junior Competitive Squad £71.50
Junior Elite Squad £75.50
Senior Competitive Squad £73.50
Senior Elite Squad £84.00
Masters Fitness/ Performance (1 swim per week) £29.50
Masters Fitness/ Performance (2 swims per week) £38.00
Masters Fitness/ Performance (3 swims per week) £46.00
Water Polo Seniors £31.50
Water Polo Juniors and Ladies and Mini Polo £28.50