How to Join

The club offers swimming for all standards and ages from as young as 4 and caters for non-swimmers, competitive swimmers, water polo and Masters swimmers.

Please complete this form and we will contact you to set an assessment session.


Do let us know about your child’s ability (copy/paste from below options in the inquiry details box):

Option A: Is a complete beginner

Option B: Confident in deep water and can swim 5m front and back

Option C: Can swim 10m front and back and do undulation (Butterfly kick)

Option D: Can swim 25m in most strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly)

Option E: Can swim 50m in most strokes, can dive and can do tumble turns

All data collected on this membership form will be kept securely by club personnel and medical/disability information will be provided to teachers/coaches on a need to know basis. If at any time any of the above details change please contact the club secretary.