Teaching Groups

The Hastings Seagull teaching groups range from 1 to 7. Group 1 being non-swimmers up to Group 7 where they will be capable swimmers able to swim all four strokes and confident in the water. The club uses the NPTS for groups 1 to 7.

Each group has assessment criteria to be achieved before a swimmer can move into the next group. Assessments will be carried out approximately every ten weeks. This is carried out by the current group teacher in all seven teaching groups. Assessment guides are different for each group and the teachers have this to hand on the assessment day. If a swimmer exceeds the assessment criteria for their current group before the planned assessment date then an individual assessment may be carried out if there is a space in the planned ‘move to’ group. This will not happen very often, but if the teacher feels it is necessary then it will. After every ten week assessment, all groups will be checked for spaces. Priority will be given to internal swimmers in order of ability shown against the given criteria. Then the remaining spaces will be filled by new swimmers who have been separately assessed and put on the waiting list.

When swimmers have completed the teaching stages they may decide whether to stay with competitive swimming and enter the Competitive Squads or change to Water Polo.

Click here for the swimming timetable. We train all year around apart for 2 weeks over Christmas. So, little rest for our swimmers!

Squad Structure

These squads are for those who wish to commit further to swimming and compete individually as well as for the club teams. The pathway swimmers take is a joint decision between coaches, swimmer and parents/guardians but generally follows this route: Group 7 > Junior Development Squad or Junior Advanced Squad (this decision is based on age and abilities). From then on, swimmers will go Junior Advanced Squad > Junior Competitive Squad > Junior Elite Squad > Senior Competitive Squad > Senior Elite Squad.

Assessments of squad swimmers is undertaken by the senior coaches and the criteria for each squad are defined as per the below. Swimmers will be allowed to move between squads should they meet the criteria of a new squad. Please note that squad moves are regulated as per our Squad Moves Guidelines.

Besides swimming, Hastings Seagull SC also run weekly land based training, and gym sessions for racing squad swimmers of an appropriate age. The racing squads have weekly poolside access to a physiotherapist.

View Squad Timetable. We train all year around apart for 2 weeks over Christmas. So, little rest for our swimmers!

ALL Squad Swimmers must:

  • Be members of Hastings Seagull Swimming Club.
  • Be registered with the ASA.
  • Pay monthly fees within specified time limits.
  • Read and abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • Notify a relevant member of coaching staff of any injuries/problems before the session starts.
  • Give 100% in training.
  • Have a real desire to improve and compete.
  • Look after themselves outside of the pool and do hidden training correctly, i.e. sleep right, eat right, drink right, and record resting heart rates each morning.
  • In the event of injury, see a physiotherapist/or other relevant medical professional as soon as is possible, and follow any advice that they give you.


Masters swimming is swimming for adults from the age of 18 years. It encompasses the whole range of ability from casual fitness swimming to highly organised competitive swimming. It can help you if you are trying to get fit, improve your health, improve your swimming skills or compete in Masters competitions. Swimming is an ideal activity for all ages. Being non-impact, there is little strain on the joints. As an aerobic exercise, it is good for breathing and circulation.

View Masters Timetable.

To find out more about Masters swimming, click here.