Gala Info

Mini Galas

These are the first competitions our younger swimmers will enter and are held multiple times a year (dates will go on the notice board). They are for Groups 3 – 6 and swimmers compete against other swimmers in their own group. All groups swim free style and backstroke. The distance is 25 meters for Groups 3 – 5; 50 metres for Ggroup 6; two strokes are swum at each event.

Groups 1 and 2 do not swim competitively but will still have normal lessons on these nights. These fun nights are important as they introduce fun competitive swimming to the children. Please regularly check the notice board for information about the club; it is situated up in the viewing gallery on the wall at Summerfields.

Club Champs

Club Champs are the club’s own championships where swimmers compete just against other swimmers in the same age group at Hastings Seagull SC. They are held seven times a year (as detailed below) and are very important. Entry is open to all swimmers in Group 6 and above, including Masters swimmers.

Notice will be issued – via Swim Manager – several weeks prior to each event, inviting swimmers to enter the relevant races/ distances. No late entries will be accepted. Awards for the Club Championships (1st to 3rd places in relevant age groups and for each race) will be handed out at the Club Annual Awards Night so the races are always hotly contested.

Event 1 Event 2 Event 3
Heat 1 – Monday 16th May 2022 200 FLY 100 BREAST 200 FREE
Heat 2 – Monday 19th September 2022 200 IM 200 BACK -
Heat 3 – Monday 3rd October 2022 100 IM 400 FREE -
Heat 4 – Monday 10th October 2022 100 BACK 400 IM -
Heat 5 – Monday 21st November 2022 100 FREE 100 FLY 200 BREAST
Heat 6 – Monday 5th December 2022 50 BREAST 50 FREE 1500 FREE
Heat 7 – Monday 12th December 2022 50 FLY 50 BACK 800 FREE

Open Meets

The club attends various Open Meets during the year. These meets are a mixture of Level 1 , 2 or 3 and can be short (25m) or long course (50m) competitions which are basically ‘open’ to those with the necessary times to enter. These are run so you can improve your PBs and gain qualification for the County, Regional and National Championships. The Open Meets that the club attend are advertised both on the website and on the club notice board at Summerfields.

Each competition will be at a particular level and the qualifying times differ from competition to competition; Level 1 being the hardest. Some meets will be on a faster than qualifying time basis, some will be on a slower than qualifying time basis, and some will be based on submitted times being between a lower and higher qualifying time. Each competition is different so please read the notices carefully to see how they are run. If you are not sure whether a particular competition is right for you, then either speak to the Head Coach or the Competition Secretary.

Click here to download the British Swimming Open Meet Licensing Guidelines which explain the difference in ‘Levels’ in detail..

If you are intending to enter an Open Meet for the first time then you will probably need to upgrade your ASA insurance category. If this is the case then please speak to someone at the club desk on a Thursday night.


League Galas

The club currently races in the both the Sussex League and the National Swimming League. The Head Coach will select a team for each gala and a notification sheet will be put up on the club notice board. It is the swimmers and parents responsibility to then confirm whether the particular swimmer is available. These galas are great fun and develop fantastic team spirit. Very often you can lose your voice cheering on the Seagull swimmers.


Regional Championships

This is the next level of Championships and is held in May/June. Clubs from the South East Region are eligible to enter swimmers for this event who have achieved regional qualification times, published on the South East Region website. This is a high level of competition and the club would expect elite swimmers to obtain these times to compete.


National Championships

This is the top level of “age group” swimming and is held in August. It is open to all swimmers of English nationality (Welsh and Scottish ASA have their own championships). The information is available from the ASA website.

Still a bit confused? Don’t worry… but please do speak to your coach, the club secretary, or someone at the front desk who will be happy to help.